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January 13

Photographing Coastal Wildlife

One of the fun things about being a photographer here on the Alabama Gulf Coast is photographing the coastal birds and other wildlife along the beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. As I mentioned in an earlier blog the lighting in the winter in exceptional, nice warm light that is beautiful for photographing wildlife on the beach. With the sun being so far South in the winter, the late afternoon light really brings out the texture of subjects such as the feathers on a bird or the texture of a piece of driftwood. Exploring the beach with a camera is a pleasure to experience, good exercise and the potential of capturing great nature and fine art type images. Exploring the beach also provides me the opportunity to find new locations for family beach portraits that I shoot during the summer months. I am always searching for new and better locations for my family beach portraits. This allows for my may repeat clients to get a fresh look for their family portraits each year, with different dunes structure in the backgrounds. The water as a background is always different. One thing I have learned about the beach, the surf is never the same two days in a row. But that is what makes the beach a truly unique setting for a family beach portrait.

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