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December 8

Black&White a Favorite on Mine

Throughout my career as a professional photographer I have always had an affection for Black & White. During my 22 years of shooting advertising I obtained a reputation for producing excellent black and white photography. I enjoyed printing in the darkroom. It was a form of escape I guess, listening to music and watching an image appear while processing the print in the developer. The latent image would slowly start to appear and then be fully developed in 2-3 minutes. It was a great sense of creating a picture. Of course nowadays it''''s all done in the computer. Excellent digital B&W is certainly attainable, but having a good eye for the proper contrast and tonality is so important. There is no substitute for experience as they say. Now as a professional photographer in Gulf Shores Alabama, I welcome the opportunity to produce Black & White for my clients on the beach when the circumstances are right- lighting, tonality and contrast.

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