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May 25

Extended Family Memories

Much of my work on the beach as a photographer in Gulf Shores Alabama is photographing extended family beach portrait sessions. These sessions are full of family dynamics, the large family portrait, individual family portraits, just the Grandchildren and of course one of my favorite family groupings is the Grandparents with their Grandchildren. I have found that Grandchildren are most likely to have a wonderful demeanor when with their Grandparents (ha I wonder why that is). I realize that these are special pictures, not only for the Grandparents but also for the Grandchildren years down the road. A special memory captured when they are young and one that they will be able to enjoy years later as an adult. As a portrait photographer I recognize the importance these images will have, not only in the present but also in the future. I also believe that hiring an experienced photographer will enhance the chances of getting superior results. I know that many of the families that hire me for extended family beach sessions realize the significance of choosing a photographer with the capability of handling a large family sitting. The ability to think fast on your feet is vitally essential in getting the desired result of good quality pictures. Keeping in mind the constant changing conditions that can occur on the beach, whether it is the lighting, wind or just the demeanor of a young child, having a seasoned professional photographer can make all the difference. If you are coming to Gulf Shores this summer with your extended family, for a family reunion or celebrating a special anniversary, and you are looking for a photographer to capture the special memories of the unique family get together, I offer over 30 years of experience as a professional photographer. I have been entrusted by numerous families over the years to provide extended family beach portraits that will stand the test of time and enjoyed for the family generations to come.

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