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May 4

Capturing A Second

Back in the day the saying was “capturing a moment in time”. In todays world of instant and constant communication the saying has changed to “capturing a second in time”. In reality photography has always been about capturing a second in time or maybe a five hundredth of a second in time, depending on the camera shutter speed. But is it really as simple as it sounds? To capture that split second in time and capture that special image for a family beach portrait, there are many factors that come into play. The technical aspect of photography is where it has to start. To begin with having the proper equipment is a must, but of course anyone can buy the same equipment. The camera and lens are tools much like a hammer. The longer you work with a hammer the better you get with it, the more times you hit the nail square on the head, and you also find new ways to use that hammer as you get better with it. The same goes with the camera and lens, the longer you work with them the better you get with utilizing them to get the desired result. Secondly, lighting plays a crucial factor. Experienced photographers will always put themselves in the proper lighting situation to achieve an anticipated outcome. For example if faces are in shadow it’s difficult to see the expressions, or if the is light is low, it is problematical to stop action. My point here is that there is no substitute for experience. If you are coming to Gulf Shores or Orange Beach Alabama on vacation this summer, and considering having a family portrait done on the beach, choose a professional photographer that will meet the expectations of your anticipated end result. I offer 34 years of professional experience and always provide my clients with quality and creative images.

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