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April 21

Color Or Black & White Or Both

I have always had an affinity for Black & White Photography. I started printing black & white in the darkroom way back as a high school yearbook photographer. I was always intrigued and amazed while watching a print develop before my eyes. This started a fascination that carried through photography school and into the first twenty-two years of my career as a professional photographer when I owned an advertising photography studio. I gained a reputation within the local advertising community as the go to photographer for black & white assignments. The only problem with B&W back in the films days was the inability to combine it with color photography, as the two processes were so completely different. The only way to combine the two was hand tinting the black & white print with pastels or oils. Then with the arrival of digital photography the door was opened for combining black & white with color photography. Of course it’s nothing really new and available to all, just like the sun, but it’s how you apply a particular digital technique to a photograph. I choose to use the B&W/Color combination in subtle ways as in the photograph posted with this blog. This bridal portrait was photographed at a beach house in Orange Beach Alabama. The stairs were already white & gray but picking up some yellow tint from the warm late afternoon winter light. Turning the stairs to B&W and keeping the bride in color, was a subtle adjustment that allowed me to get the true look of the stairs, white & gray. I offer and apply digital expertise for all of my clients here on the beaches in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Alabama. If you are looking for a professional photographer in this area, be it for a beach wedding or family beach portrait, I offer 34 years of professional experience as a photographer, and I still have the same fascination as I did just starting out- back in high school.

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