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April 15

Natural Portraits

While the classic family portrait is many times posed, I like to add an alternative to my family beach portrait sessions. I normally start my sittings with some posed beach portraits, especially with large family groups, and then work into a natural type of portrait. Every family’s unique personality and dynamic make up dictates how I try to achieve capturing this “natural image” of a particular family. I enjoy having to think quick, or on the fly so to speak, and that allows me to catch a split second in time, where no one even remembers they are having their picture taken. The spontaneous expressions bring out the individuality of each person in a given family. And of course, the beach setting is a perfect location to get all of this to come together. For children, sometimes it can simply be a wave that catches their attention for that split second or maybe a shell on the shoreline. As an experienced professional photographer, having the right lens choices available is also a key to success. I have multiple lens choices available with me on the beach. Keeping in mind that the camera is a tool, much like a hammer, it’s how good are you at using it, the more you use it the better you become with it. I offer 34 years of experience as a professional photographer and always provide my clientele with creative and quality images. If you a looking at photographers in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach for your family portrait, please take a moment to take a look at my website galleries.

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