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February 23

Backlight by Nature

Backlighting can arguably be considered the most beautiful direction of light for photography, although shooting into a light source can be very difficult. Taking a hike when to sun is low in the sky offers many opportunities for catching some kind of backlight. Whether backlighting a silhouette, just a leaf on a plant or a flower bud, it always seems pleasing. While on a hike last week near St Augustine, Florida, the way the sun was backlighting some palm leaves caught my eye. Just like many subjects in nature, no two of these leaves were the same. The gradation of colors through this particular leaf is some pretty amazing work by mother nature. Nature photography is something to do down here along the Alabama Gulf Coast, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, during the slow winter months. Luckily there is always something still green to take pictures of down here during the winter. This has been a somewhat mild winter here this year, keeping some plants green all year. The azaleas are starting to bloom already here in the last week of February. That also means that Spring Break is just around the corner. If you are planning on coming to the beach for Spring Break this year, what a good time of year for a family portrait on the beach. Choosing a photographer can be a difficult process as there are many to choose from down here. I offer 30 years of experience as a professional photographer and always provide quality and creative results for my clients. Please take a look at my website galleries and see how the quality of an experienced photographer can the make a difference.

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