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February 1

Seashells by the Seashore

When walking on the white sand beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Alabama, the ultra fine quartz sand feels so good under your feet. Sometimes I like photographing the beach a little more up close and see this fine white sand in a different light so to speak. With sunrise light and some fresh shells having washed onto the beach, it can be very engaging just walking and looking up close for really cool natural shell formations or composition. It’s another great benefit of being a photographer here on the Alabama Gulf Coast, just simply taking pictures of shells in the sand. My many years of doing advertising photography allowed me to constantly hone my composition skills. It didn’t hurt that I worked with some very talented art directors who were good teachers. Composition skills for an artist get refined over and over again with years of experience. I apply my composition skills constantly when photographing family beach portraits and beach weddings here in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. I am continually looking for new creative looks for my pictures. If you are planning a trip for spring break or summer vacation and are interested in having a family portrait done on the beach, please contact me. I offer thirty-four years of experience as a professional photographer and always provide my clients with quality creative images! Quality matters for those wanting a beautiful wall print of their family beach portrait. Creativity matters for those wanting that special image that is once in a lifetime.

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