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March 22

Gulf Shores Photographers

It’s springtime on the Alabama Gulf Coast! Spring Break is in full swing as well. If you are planning a trip down here before summer season, it’s an opportune time for a family beach portrait. As a photographer in Gulf Shores Alabama I have been photographing families on the beach for the past 14 years of my 35 year career as a professional photographer. What I offer is true professional quality photography. A family beach portrait taken on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world offers an occasion to have a stunning family photograph taken. The beach is a natural environment that challenges even the most seasoned photographer. The knowledge to obtain successful results in any lighting condition on the beach is only gained through years of experience in all light conditions. If you are considering having a family portrait done on the beach, I encourage you to take a look at my galleries and see for yourself the quality photography I offer. My pricing is very reasonable and I handle families of all sizes. Please contact me if you are interested. MW

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May 25

Extended Family Memories

Much of my work on the beach as a photographer in Gulf Shores Alabama is photographing extended family beach portrait sessions. These sessions are full of family dynamics, the large family portrait, individual family portraits, just the Grandchildren and of course one of my favorite family groupings is the Grandparents with their Grandchildren. I have found that Grandchildren are most likely to have a wonderful demeanor when with their Grandparents (ha I wonder why that is). I realize that these are special pictures, not only for the Grandparents but also for the Grandchildren years down the road. A special memory captured when they are young and one that they will be able to enjoy years later as an adult. As a portrait photographer I recognize the importance these images will have, not only in the present but also in the future. I also believe that hiring an experienced photographer will enhance the chances of getting superior results. I know that many of the families that hire me for extended family beach sessions realize the significance of choosing a photographer with the capability of handling a large family sitting. The ability to think fast on your feet is vitally essential in getting the desired result of good quality pictures. Keeping in mind the constant changing conditions that can occur on the beach, whether it is the lighting, wind or just the demeanor of a young child, having a seasoned professional photographer can make all the difference. If you are coming to Gulf Shores this summer with your extended family, for a family reunion or celebrating a special anniversary, and you are looking for a photographer to capture the special memories of the unique family get together, I offer over 30 years of experience as a professional photographer. I have been entrusted by numerous families over the years to provide extended family beach portraits that will stand the test of time and enjoyed for the family generations to come.

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May 4

Capturing A Second

Back in the day the saying was “capturing a moment in time”. In todays world of instant and constant communication the saying has changed to “capturing a second in time”. In reality photography has always been about capturing a second in time or maybe a five hundredth of a second in time, depending on the camera shutter speed. But is it really as simple as it sounds? To capture that split second in time and capture that special image for a family beach portrait, there are many factors that come into play. The technical aspect of photography is where it has to start. To begin with having the proper equipment is a must, but of course anyone can buy the same equipment. The camera and lens are tools much like a hammer. The longer you work with a hammer the better you get with it, the more times you hit the nail square on the head, and you also find new ways to use that hammer as you get better with it. The same goes with the camera and lens, the longer you work with them the better you get with utilizing them to get the desired result. Secondly, lighting plays a crucial factor. Experienced photographers will always put themselves in the proper lighting situation to achieve an anticipated outcome. For example if faces are in shadow it’s difficult to see the expressions, or if the is light is low, it is problematical to stop action. My point here is that there is no substitute for experience. If you are coming to Gulf Shores or Orange Beach Alabama on vacation this summer, and considering having a family portrait done on the beach, choose a professional photographer that will meet the expectations of your anticipated end result. I offer 34 years of professional experience and always provide my clients with quality and creative images.

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April 21

Color Or Black & White Or Both

I have always had an affinity for Black & White Photography. I started printing black & white in the darkroom way back as a high school yearbook photographer. I was always intrigued and amazed while watching a print develop before my eyes. This started a fascination that carried through photography school and into the first twenty-two years of my career as a professional photographer when I owned an advertising photography studio. I gained a reputation within the local advertising community as the go to photographer for black & white assignments. The only problem with B&W back in the films days was the inability to combine it with color photography, as the two processes were so completely different. The only way to combine the two was hand tinting the black & white print with pastels or oils. Then with the arrival of digital photography the door was opened for combining black & white with color photography. Of course it’s nothing really new and available to all, just like the sun, but it’s how you apply a particular digital technique to a photograph. I choose to use the B&W/Color combination in subtle ways as in the photograph posted with this blog. This bridal portrait was photographed at a beach house in Orange Beach Alabama. The stairs were already white & gray but picking up some yellow tint from the warm late afternoon winter light. Turning the stairs to B&W and keeping the bride in color, was a subtle adjustment that allowed me to get the true look of the stairs, white & gray. I offer and apply digital expertise for all of my clients here on the beaches in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Alabama. If you are looking for a professional photographer in this area, be it for a beach wedding or family beach portrait, I offer 34 years of professional experience as a photographer, and I still have the same fascination as I did just starting out- back in high school.

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April 15

Natural Portraits

While the classic family portrait is many times posed, I like to add an alternative to my family beach portrait sessions. I normally start my sittings with some posed beach portraits, especially with large family groups, and then work into a natural type of portrait. Every family’s unique personality and dynamic make up dictates how I try to achieve capturing this “natural image” of a particular family. I enjoy having to think quick, or on the fly so to speak, and that allows me to catch a split second in time, where no one even remembers they are having their picture taken. The spontaneous expressions bring out the individuality of each person in a given family. And of course, the beach setting is a perfect location to get all of this to come together. For children, sometimes it can simply be a wave that catches their attention for that split second or maybe a shell on the shoreline. As an experienced professional photographer, having the right lens choices available is also a key to success. I have multiple lens choices available with me on the beach. Keeping in mind that the camera is a tool, much like a hammer, it’s how good are you at using it, the more you use it the better you become with it. I offer 34 years of experience as a professional photographer and always provide my clientele with creative and quality images. If you a looking at photographers in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach for your family portrait, please take a moment to take a look at my website galleries.

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April 1

Bridal Portraits

What makes Bridal Portrait sessions so much fun is that, for the first time a bride appears in her wedding dress in front of others that are not in her inner circle. There is such a great sense of excitement during the session. I will show the bride a couple of early pictures on the camera and it always seems to be the first real look she has at herself in the dress. That creates a great mood, or vibe, that carries over to the images themselves. I seem to capture more natural smiles and there is a more relaxed sense about the bride. I like this as it makes the bride become less self conscious and more into getting some great photographs. Of course being a photographer here in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Alabama allows me to photograph on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Combine that with the wonderful light the beaches provide and you have a mixture that helps generate something really special. That something special is what makes a Bridal Portrait extraordinary. Whether you may be looking for a wedding photographer or a photographer for a family beach portrait, you should search for a photographer with an experience level that matches your anticipated result. I offer of 30 years of experience as a professional photographer and always provide my clients with creative and quality images. My goal is always to achieve that anticipated result.

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March 11

Photographic Opportunities

One of the best aspects of working as a professional photographer in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Alabama are some of the truly unique photographic opportunities that come by. In July each of the past four years I have been the official photographer for the Blue Marlin Grand Championship fishing tournament. It has become one the largest fishing tournaments in the USA! Photographing this tournament has provided me with some rare chances to capture some really cool pictures. This photograph of the tournament boats heading up the intercostal waterway on their way out to the gulf was a blast to shoot. I was ahead of the lead boat and when the captains opened up the throttle the whole scenario changed in an instant. I had a great angle to shoot from and the lighting was perfect. I love the action and being able to capture a unique image. I approach my family portraits on the beach the same way. I am always looking for unique opportunities to capture images of a family and children in a distinctive way, whether it is the camera angle, lighting, lens choice some combination of the three. If you are searching for a photographer in the Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, look for an experienced photographer that offers the ability to capture some truly distinctive images for you. I offer over thirty years of experience as a professional photographer and always provide my clients with quality and creative portraits.

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March 9

Spring Break Arrives

Spring is in the air down here on the Alabama Gulf Coast! The azaleas are blooming, birds are chirping and the beach sand is heating up. Let’s jump and shout that spring is very near. I have started seeing Spring Breakers showing up in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach in this first full week of March. There are a couple of art festivals this week in the area this week, one in Orange Beach, one in Gulf Breeze Fl. We are hoping for good weather this weekend for those festivals. Spring is also a great time for having a family beach portrait done. The sun is still low, as it is still technically winter, but many afternoons are nice and warm. Nice warm lighting is what all of that adds up to. Children are always full of energy in the spring with the anticipation of summer. That makes my job easier as I don’t have to coax much of the energy for their pictures. My style of natural/candid portraits lends itself to the energy of spring. If you are coming down this spring and considering having some family portraits done on the beach here in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or Perdido Key, choose an experience photographer that suits your style. I offer of 30 years of experience as a professional photographer and always provide my clients with quality and creative images.

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March 2

Catching the Action

When photographing children in action on the beach, you never know what might happen next. Fortunately this youngster took his spill into the surf at the end of the session, as I don’t think anyone anticipated the need for bring extra clothes. It is a very good possibility that people are going to get at least a little bit wet during one of my family beach portrait sessions here on the beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Alabama. A nosedive into the surf is a rarity but I will be there to capture when if it happens. My style of more natural/candid beach portraiture allows me to capture more spontaneous images for my clients. Many people like that, not all of their pictures on the beach being posed. I find that people are more relaxed when they are not sitting in front of the camera for an entire session. Natural smiles are what I am going after when photographing portraits. With over 30 years of experience as a professional photographer I am able to use my skills to capture images that are truly unique to a particular family. If you are coming down for Spring Break this spring, that is a great time to have a family portrait done. The sun is still at a stage where the warm winter light is still attainable. When looking for a photographer in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach search carefully to make sure you book a photographer that has the experience to get you some exceptional images.

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February 25

Sunset and Beach Weddings

Timing is everything when capturing a beautiful sunset for a beach wedding Bride and Groom portraits. The first thing to consider is the sun position in relation to the shoreline of a particular beach. Winter, Spring and Fall are the only times of the year here on the Alabama Gulf Coast that the sun will set either over the water or right down the beach tide line. It is so awesome to capture a beautiful sunset in the background of my Bride and Groom wedding portraits. It takes a seasoned beach photographer to get the lighting just right, to light the bride and groom and properly expose for that beautiful sunset. While I know that there is an abundance of choices when it comes to photographers along the Alabama Gulf Coast, I offer 30+ years of experience as a professional photographer and always provide my clients with creative and quality images. There is no substitute for experience! If you are planning a spring beach wedding here in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach Alabama and haven’t decided on a beach photographer yet, please contact me! I have some spring dates still available and I would love to capture that beautiful sunset in your wedding pictures.

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February 23

Backlight by Nature

Backlighting can arguably be considered the most beautiful direction of light for photography, although shooting into a light source can be very difficult. Taking a hike when to sun is low in the sky offers many opportunities for catching some kind of backlight. Whether backlighting a silhouette, just a leaf on a plant or a flower bud, it always seems pleasing. While on a hike last week near St Augustine, Florida, the way the sun was backlighting some palm leaves caught my eye. Just like many subjects in nature, no two of these leaves were the same. The gradation of colors through this particular leaf is some pretty amazing work by mother nature. Nature photography is something to do down here along the Alabama Gulf Coast, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, during the slow winter months. Luckily there is always something still green to take pictures of down here during the winter. This has been a somewhat mild winter here this year, keeping some plants green all year. The azaleas are starting to bloom already here in the last week of February. That also means that Spring Break is just around the corner. If you are planning on coming to the beach for Spring Break this year, what a good time of year for a family portrait on the beach. Choosing a photographer can be a difficult process as there are many to choose from down here. I offer 30 years of experience as a professional photographer and always provide quality and creative results for my clients. Please take a look at my website galleries and see how the quality of an experienced photographer can the make a difference.

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February 11

Capturing the Emotions of a Moment

One of the most rewarding things about photographing siblings on the beach is knowing that 20 years from now they can still cherish pictures of themselves together at a young age. When taking family portraits on the beaches in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama, my goal is to provide my clients with images that capture not only a moment in time, but to also catch the emotion of that moment. I find kids engaged in some sort of action, whether it is jumping a wave or holding hands and running in the sand, being connected brings out the emotion in each of them. Capturing a combination of the moment and the emotion is what makes a picture truly special. If you are planning for a family beach portrait while on vacation here on the Alabama Gulf Coast, I suggest searching for a professional photographer that suites your expectations. My thirty-four years of experience as a professional photographer allows me to capture the spontaneous action and emotion in children as well as adults when photographing families on the beach.

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February 1

Seashells by the Seashore

When walking on the white sand beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Alabama, the ultra fine quartz sand feels so good under your feet. Sometimes I like photographing the beach a little more up close and see this fine white sand in a different light so to speak. With sunrise light and some fresh shells having washed onto the beach, it can be very engaging just walking and looking up close for really cool natural shell formations or composition. It’s another great benefit of being a photographer here on the Alabama Gulf Coast, just simply taking pictures of shells in the sand. My many years of doing advertising photography allowed me to constantly hone my composition skills. It didn’t hurt that I worked with some very talented art directors who were good teachers. Composition skills for an artist get refined over and over again with years of experience. I apply my composition skills constantly when photographing family beach portraits and beach weddings here in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. I am continually looking for new creative looks for my pictures. If you are planning a trip for spring break or summer vacation and are interested in having a family portrait done on the beach, please contact me. I offer thirty-four years of experience as a professional photographer and always provide my clients with quality creative images! Quality matters for those wanting a beautiful wall print of their family beach portrait. Creativity matters for those wanting that special image that is once in a lifetime.

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January 22

Football In Bama

After living in Alabama for 13 football seasons, I now know what Alabama Football is all about. Whether you root for Alabama, Auburn, South Alabama or Troy football rules here. I was told when I moved here you have to pick a team. That was easy, who has the most Championships AND my friend’s son happened to be playing for the Tide at the time. I grew up a big football fan in Dallas, so since moving to Gulf Shores and restarting my photography business here, football was a natural fit. Photographing a family beach portrait with everyone in team attire is not uncommon here on the Alabama Gulf Coast, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Last summer I photographed a family on 26 on the beach with all wearing St. Louis Cardinals team apparel. It was great and the whole family felt relaxed. We got some great extended family portraits, even the infants rooting for the Cards. They all had fun and it was a fun extended family beach session. So, no matter who your team is, when you visit Gulf Shores or Orange Beach Alabama bring your team with you and get some great family beach portraits for lasting memories! And by the way, Roll Tide Roll

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January 13

Photographing Coastal Wildlife

One of the fun things about being a photographer here on the Alabama Gulf Coast is photographing the coastal birds and other wildlife along the beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. As I mentioned in an earlier blog the lighting in the winter in exceptional, nice warm light that is beautiful for photographing wildlife on the beach. With the sun being so far South in the winter, the late afternoon light really brings out the texture of subjects such as the feathers on a bird or the texture of a piece of driftwood. Exploring the beach with a camera is a pleasure to experience, good exercise and the potential of capturing great nature and fine art type images. Exploring the beach also provides me the opportunity to find new locations for family beach portraits that I shoot during the summer months. I am always searching for new and better locations for my family beach portraits. This allows for my may repeat clients to get a fresh look for their family portraits each year, with different dunes structure in the backgrounds. The water as a background is always different. One thing I have learned about the beach, the surf is never the same two days in a row. But that is what makes the beach a truly unique setting for a family beach portrait.

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January 8

Winter on the Gulf Coast

Once the holidays are over and winter has settled in over Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Alabama, it’s a totally different feel on the beach as it is during the summer. The days have become super short, but the sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico can be spectacular. The sun has moved far South and radiates a completely different quality of light than during the summer months. The late afternoon winter light is really warm and renders the white sand a nice pastel yellow. As the sun gets low in the afternoon, it creates some of the most subtle shadows on the wind swept sand, generating a really unique texture that makes for neat close up pictures. Unfortunately for summer vacationers the sunset is North of the beach in the summer. No over the water sunsets but the quality of light for a summer beach portrait is still the best beach lighting anywhere in the world, as the white sand provides a great natural fill. The dunes and sea oats here at Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores provide a setting for stunning family portraits on the beach. We as photographers in Gulf Shores are so lucky to have access to such a wonderful place to photograph family portraits and beach weddings. If you are already planning for your summer vacation to the Alabama Gulf Coast, please consider taking advantage of the great opportunity for a family portrait session on the beach while you are here!

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December 8

Black&White a Favorite on Mine

Throughout my career as a professional photographer I have always had an affection for Black & White. During my 22 years of shooting advertising I obtained a reputation for producing excellent black and white photography. I enjoyed printing in the darkroom. It was a form of escape I guess, listening to music and watching an image appear while processing the print in the developer. The latent image would slowly start to appear and then be fully developed in 2-3 minutes. It was a great sense of creating a picture. Of course nowadays it''''s all done in the computer. Excellent digital B&W is certainly attainable, but having a good eye for the proper contrast and tonality is so important. There is no substitute for experience as they say. Now as a professional photographer in Gulf Shores Alabama, I welcome the opportunity to produce Black & White for my clients on the beach when the circumstances are right- lighting, tonality and contrast.

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December 2

Thanksgiving Fun

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is photographing some of my family and friends. While I do the majority of my portraits on the beach, as a Photographer in Gulf Shores Alabama sometimes it is fun to get off the beach for some pictures. My friends Rob and Irene come to Gulf Shores to spend time with their family in Foley Alabama and we get together to shoot extended family pictures with the Grandparents. Their daughter is growing fast as all kids seem to do, every year I get some action shots of her. This is one that I captured of her last week. She is a delight in front of my the camera! I like to photograph children in action as it seems to bring out the best natural smiles and expressions. What "makes" portraits of children is getting the natural expressions to show their personality. That is always my goal.

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May 27

Family Beach Portraits

If you are looking for a Gulf Shores Photographer to photograph your family on the beautiful beaches here, please contact me today for pricing and availability.

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April 20

Gulf Shores Beach Portraits

Summer will be here before you now it. Contact me today for info on a Family Beach Portrait session in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Perdido Key, Pensacola Beach. Photographer in Gulf Shores.

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March 12

Kids Splashing Around

Kids having fun in the surf, fun to capture too!!! Spring Break a great time for Beach Portraits. #GulfShores #BeachPortraits #SpringBreak

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February 5

Sisters & Brothers

Sisters & Brothers, something they can cherish later in life. I capture images that will stand the test of time! Contact me now for Spring Break beach sessions.

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January 28

Bridal Portraits

Bridal Portraits Time is coming soon. It will start to warm up in March, a great time for photographing Bridal Portraits, the lighting is great as are the sunsets!

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January 22

Thinking of Summer

Just thinking of summer in the middle of winter. It will be here soon!

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October 27

Fall Weddings and Beautiful Sunsets

Fall Weddings and Beautiful Sunsets, the same goes for the spring too. Please contact me regarding your spring Beach Wedding and Beautiful Sunset!

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September 17

Late Summer Sunrise-

The Light is getting really good on the beach this time of year. Great time for a family beach portrait.

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August 15

Fun Wedding Pics

While always trying to make wedding pictures fun, you never know what I might come up with. I still have some fall wedding dates open, contact me for pricing and openings!

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February 6

Picking Through Last Years Best

It''s that time of year, picking through last years images to update my website. I update once a year with fresh images. I like to show some new images in my galleries every year.

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July 12

Blue Marlin Grand Championship

I am shooting the Blue Marlin Grand Championship fishing tournament this week at The Wharf in Orange Beach, Al. This is a huge event with a 1 million dollar plus payout this year. The weigh in on Saturday is a great spectator event for this area. Come on out to see some huge fish and have a lot of fun! Hope to see you there!

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May 17

Spring Wedding Season Is In Full Swing

Spring Wedding Season is now in full swing. I still have some prime fall dates open for beach weddings in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Alabama and Pensacola Beach Florida! Contact me for pricing information and availability!

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April 25

Today at The Wharf Boat Show

I will be at The Wharf Boat Show today photographing the VIP Guests entering on the Red Carpet. I''''m looking forward to a fun day and doing a red carpet type event.

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April 22

Extended Family Sessions

I photograph a lot of extended family sessions each year. Proper lighting technique and photoshop expertise are crucial for a successful end result. Knowing that many families don''''t all get together that often, hiring an experienced photographer is important to get quality images you can cherish for years to come. If your extended family is coming to the beach this summer, please contact me for my extended family session pricing.

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April 17

Sunset on the Beach

The sunset light on the beautiful white sand beaches here in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Alabama is hard to beat. Letting the kids do their thing, combined with the great lighting, and look at what you get.

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April 6

Spring Means Great Light!

The lighting this time of year is wonderful. If you are here on spring break, take advantage of the lighting this time of year. While the light is always beautiful on our white sand beaches, spring affords some of the best! I still have sessions open this month, let me know if you are interested booking a family session while you are here!

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April 5

The Wharf Boat Show Billboard

I want to share the billboard I shot for The Wharf Boat Show coming up at The Wharf in Orange Beach, Al. on April 25th-28th. While most of my work is done on the beach, I still shoot advertising for some very choice (and great clients). If you are in town that weekend, it will be a great event to attend!

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April 3

Pets Are Family Too!

Just a reminder that pets are allowed on the beach on Ft. Morgan if you would like to include them in you family portrait!

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March 28

Finally warming up for Spring Break

The weather is warming up, FINALLY! It makes you just want to run on the beach like these two. If you are coming down next week for SB, I have a few evening sessions still open for family portraits. Take advantage of the great lighting this time of year!

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May 19

Great light on the beach

There''s nothing that compares to the great light on the white sand beaches of the Gulf Coast! The sand provides it''s own natural fill to compliment the late day sun.

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March 15

Sunset on the Bay!

You don''t always need to see a face to capture the emotion of the moment, but a nice sunset always helps!

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March 14

Back to the blog!

OK, I am back on the blog after a long absence. I am REALLY going to stay up the the day on my blog this year. Don''t laugh Rusty (my website person). As I start to sift through my "picks" from last year, I thought this one would be a good shot to kick off the new Blog Season. These are the kind of "kids moments" I like to capture! Book your shoot and let me get some for you!

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May 30

Nice Sequence

What a nice little sequence of shots. I like capturing the action of kids when they react to the water. I still have some dates left in June as well as July for family beach portraits in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Perdido Key and Pensacola Beach. Contact me for pricing and available dates. The beaches are beautiful, time to get your family beach pictures done!

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April 6

Senior Portrait on the Beach

Here is a nice senior portrait I just shot. The lighting is so good this time of year on the beaches of Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Perdido Key and Pensacola Beach. If you are coming down this spring, it''s a great time to get that family beach portrait done. The weather is cool and the lighting wonderful, beaches are so clean (Yes!!!). Come on down and see what you have been missing in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach.

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March 16

Spring Break Portraits

Sometimes I just let the kids do all the work. Of course it helps if the lighting is just right right and and you are on a beautiful beach. If you are coming to Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Perdido Key or Pensacola Beach, this is a great time of year for family portraits. The lighting on the beach is really great this time of year!!!

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March 14

Spring on the Gulf Coast

ALRIGHT- it''''s daylight savings time and spring is here, well almost. It will be in the 70''''s all week and the azaleas are starting to bloom. It''''s time to hit the beach and shoot some family portraits over spring break. If you are coming down to Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or Perdido Key, this is a great time of year for family portraits. The lighting is great this time of year, get that family shot walking into the sunset!

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March 11

Perdido Key Sunset

I just shipped this 16x20 watercolor print to Shaun & Olia. What a great sunset on Perdido Key that evening. Sunsets like this make for beautiful beach wedding pictures. If you are planning a beach wedding in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or Pensacola Beach, please let me send you my affordable package pricing. Let me capture you in the sunset on your wedding day!

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March 10

Some nice Candids

Here are a few candids of Kim, whose wedding I shot a couple of weeks ago at the Josephine Baptist church. What a great little church for a small wedding. If you are planning a beach wedding in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Perdido Key or Pensacola Beach, I still have some prime dates left for late spring, summer and fall. contact me now for open dates and pricing.

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February 21

Hangin' with Duke

Duke "The Good Dog" and I are just hangin'''' out today, not much is happening. I did a little work on the website with Rusty my web man. Shot a nice little wedding for Kim and spencer on Saturday at the Josephine Baptist Church. What a great church, nice place to shoot! Now is the time to book the choice dates this summer for family portraits in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach! I still have some prime Saturday wedding dates open for this summer!!!

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February 18

Keep on Blogin'

OK, I missed a day or so on my new commitment to blog everyday. Wednesday I went to the Bridal Consultants meeting at the Pensacola Beach Hilton and I met a lot of new and great wedding professionals. I hope to have made some new contacts, as I really like shooting beach weddings and family portraits on Pensacola Beach!!! Please contact me if you would like details on my beach wedding packages. Todays photo is on of my favorite "getting ready" shots, I really like the yellow dresses and the blue shoes!

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February 15

Sunrise on Perdido Bay

Today I am starting my daily blog, at the request of my website host Web Solutions Group. Rusty has been bugging me to get on the blog to help my SEO for the website. SO, here I go starting the NEW photo of the day. My photo toady is the sunrise while driving this morning across the Lillian, Al. bridge. Ah- finally some warm weather. Went to the beach this morning, it was beautiful!!! It will be spring before you know it. I still have some prime spring wedding dates open!!! Please contact me if you would like my package pricing for upcoming weddings and family portraits while on vacation in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Perdido Key and Pensacola!!!

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